We are a branch of our founding company Timian Publishing U.K.
We have adapted the U.K. training programs for our SOUTH AFRICAN context and we strive to ensure that content stays relevant and up to date with our Laws and Policies.
Our Lead Trainer, Corne Strydom,  is charged with taking the South African Branch forward in a progressively developing field of care services in South Africa

We are based in Somerset West , Western Cape but we deliver training across the country.


Timian Training and Development was established in 1994 by its three founding members who developed a system of conflict management and physical interventions appropriate to the client groups they were working with. This was largely in response to a lack of appropriate systems and training available at the time.

Co-founder James Hourihan took the company forward to the point where it is now nationally accredited and provides training, advice and consultancy to independent, public and voluntary sector organisations. This also extends to providing services to private individuals, families and informal carer groups.

Courses are accredited by BILD (The British Institute of Learning Disabilities) Physical Interventions Accreditation Scheme developed by the Department of Health and Department for Educations and Skills which is supported by Section 7 Local Authority Guidance.
We are involved in the new NHS initiative with the Counter Fraud and Security Management Services (CFSMS).
We are involved in the final stages of the National Institute for Mental Health in England (NIMHE) guidance on physical interventions which will lead to a further accreditation system.
We are also members of the Institute for Conflict Management (ICM)
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